How to Cut Veggies in Style

The most fruitful time of the year has come! Harvest is here and we want this piece to help you discover the wonders of cutting autumn veggies in style, updating your kitchen knife skills to pro with the help of KUTT Chef’s Knife. Besides pretty looking food you will gain more control over the cooking process with those useful Kutt strokes.

To get your perfect shapes, safety first

Here are a couple of rules for you to follow if you’d like your veggies to be the prettiest in town and but also protect yourself from any accidents that might occur due to negligence.

Choose a thick chopping board and put a cloth underneath it. This will help you prevent any accident that might happen due to the chopping board’s instability. Then choose the best Chef’s Knife that can help you cut off as many beautiful pieces from your veggies with the least of effort. Last but not least, keep the the blade of the knife facing the board in a 45 degree angle.

Julienne Fashion

One of the most delicious and appetizing veggies that come to maturity during harvest is the carrot. It is highly versatile and it can inspire various receipts when cut in coins or just simply sliced and diced or cut into paysanne, Julienne, batonnet or squared-off segments. Oh, wait, am I using fancy words? Silly me! Let me explain myself… they’re all just types of cuts. Did I harvest your interest? Let’s go into more detail.

For example, if you want to cut a carrot in a Julienne fashion, first secure the position of your sphere like solid veggie by cutting a piece out of it, then start cutting those beautiful long thin strips by using KUTT Chef’s Knife. So how do you exactly come to the perfect long thin strip? The art lies in KUTT-ing squared-off in the beginning. To start the squared-off process you will need to peel the carrot and remove its ends. Slice the remaining carrot into 2 inches until it looks like 3D carrot rectangle. Congrats! This is your first squared-off. Moving on to Julienne, you will only need to slice the remaining square into thin rectangular cuts of 1/16 inches. There you go, you nailed it!


During harvest, you can delight yourself with the almost calorie free cabbage, which can be chiffonade into different sides and dishes. Oh, wait, did I say chiffonade? How do you chiffonade your greens and herbs? For those of you who are unfamiliar with this cutting technique, chiffonade, refers to greenly veggies where the leafs are stacked together and cut into thin strips. You can also chiffonade spinach, and basil. Start by stacking the items you are looking to cut and hold your amazing KUTT Chef’s Knife by the hostler.

Having a good understanding of the cutting techniques will help you prepare not only the most delicious meals for you and your friends, but also the most the most delightful and eye catching recipes.

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